Trieu Hai pass, a new amazing route for backpacking lovers

    Trieu Hai pass route is located from Da The to Dambri Falls (crossing the South Cat Tien Forest), Bao Lam, Lam Dong province, it is a new extreme and interesting journey for backpacking lovers.

    There are two ways to conquer Trieu Hai route, the easier way is from the Bao Loc city to the way to Dambri waterfall, to the junction to Tam Chau lake, turn left. From here, there will be a guide board to go to Dambri dams.

    From Tam Chau tea plantation, the road will be bad and small with many large boulders. This road was opened to serve the dam construction and have been abandoned after that.

    Beneath the hydro plant lake has unique blue color, created by kaolin, minerals in the rock dissolves into water and the effect of sunlight.

    The lake is far below and is protected by the surrounding high hills, the wind can not reach down so the water is as smooth as a mirror. The backpackers call it “green mirror lake”

    From the lake, go towards to Da The, you will encounter a giant rocks on the left, a magnificent scenery of the natural. This is the limestone rocks that was formed millions years ago, being separated by rainwater to make many deep canyons.