Ten experiences you should try when traveling to Sapa

    Believe me or not, Sapa will bring you many unique experience with awesome activities and fun that you cannot found anywhere else.

    1.       Conquer mount Fansipan

    Conquer the roof of Indochina is the dream of many young one. If you like to challenge yourself and win something, don’t be hesitate anymore, just go make your first step to the journey.

    Mount Fansipan

    2.       Watching the world best spectacular terraced fields

    Terraced fields in Sapa was honored as one of the great terraced fields in the world. Mother Earth not only give the people of this area an ideal landscape and climate but also gives them skillfully hands. For hundreds of year, they create masterpieces – these are the stars leading up to the sky. On September harvest is the time the green field is replaced with golden colors. This is a fascinating time to get to Sapa.

    Sapa terraced fields

    3.       Contemplating Sapa from the top view of Ham Rong

    Watching the town from 1800m high of Ham Rong is an exciting experience that anyone should try once in Sapa, to view the town in a different perspective. Streets, hotels and resorts under your suddenly turn into small. Moreover, on Ham Rong Mountain, you could also enjoy the colorful gardens of flowers or explore small canyon in stone garden.

    Sapa at night

    4.       Enjoy the sunrise, sunset in Sapa

    The chilly morning wind will make you shivered. Holding a small warm cup of coffee, look outside the window of a good view hotel, you will meet a Sapa dimming in the morning dew. Wait until the sunset, the sun disappears behind the Hoang Lien Son, Sapa is dyed in purple, in something romantic gloomy.

    Sunset in Sapa

    5.       Walking, living in Sapa

    Walking in Sapa will bring to you unforgettable experiences. Sapa is one of the destinations that you can have longest walk in the world. In Sapa, you could enjoy walking a dozen kilometers, walking from dawn till sunset, passing through the town, village, fields, small stream, bridges… walking to live slow down, observe and learn more about life and culture of indigenous people. Some places you can enjoy walking: Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van, Ta Phin…

    Sapa children