Spectacular landscape on mount Fansipan

    Fansipan is a favorite destination of all four seasons for visitors to plant a climbing and hiking journey

    Fansipan is located in Hoang Lien Son range with the length of up to 180km from the northeast to the southwest.  The climate is different between two sides of the mountain.

    At 3,143 meters above the sea level. Fansipan is Vietnam’s highest mountain and is also known as the “Roof of Indochina”

    On the way up, visitors can see clearly the cable car system which is considered the most complicated in the world with a length up to 7km from Sa Pa to 3000m altitude.

    Sunset is always beautiful moments of the day and in the high mountains, this was even more impressive. Sun, clouds, wind and mountain’s atmosphere seems to constitute a colorful lively song. Admiring the fairytale scenery at sunrise or sunset over the mountains is always an unforgettable experience for those who love nature.