Seven foods you cannot miss in Hanoi

    Hanoi cuisine is always attractive with unique flavors. Some dishes you definitely cannot miss once you have chance to be here.


    Pho Hang Trong is a small shop on the sidewalk, guests can only sit on small chairs, no table, each with a delicious bow of Pho. Especially, this only sells in afternoon, the price is unchanged through time, still 15.000 VND (<$1). If you want to eat “Pho ga” (chicken noodle), go to the noodle restaurant located on Quan Thanh Street. Try mixing exotic flavor with Pho at “Pho Hanh” on Lan Ong Street or Luong Van Can Street, sautéed noodles on Bat Dan Street. If you don’t know how Pho tastes, that also means you didn’t be here.


    Cha ca La Vong (La Vong fried fish): Fish is fried in a little oil pan, each table will have a small charcoal stove with a pan on top. Fish served with toasted bread, “bun”, along with peanuts, cilantro, cumin, fresh chopped onion… and shrimp sauce. Shrimp sauce must be prepared by adding fresh lemon, pepper, few drops of white wine, a little fat and sugar.

    Cha ca La Vong

    Bun cha: Small baked pieces of meat with tangy and spicy tastes, serve with sweet and sour sauce, with vinegar, garlic, peppers, aromatic pepper mixed with green papaya. Noodles accompanied by other raw vegetables, especially perilla. Wanna try already?

    Bun cha