Five amazing places for backpackers in Vung Tau

    Vung Tau tourism has many interesting & attractive places that are totally free to explore. You just need a small backpack, a very low money budget and a curious mind to conquer the following list.

    Christ statue

    Christ statue - Photo: dulichvungtau

    Is considered as the symbol of Vung Tau city and also is popular destinations for photographers. The statue has a height of 32 meters, length of 18.4 meters arms. To climb to the two arm of the statue, you have to climb for 133 steps inside the statue. The scenery here is stunningly beautiful, where you can unleash your feeling and contemplate the city of Vung Tau from above.

    Pigs Hill

    Pigs Hill - Photo:

    Pigs hill, until now, nobody has figured out the source of this lovely name yet. Previously this area was known as quarries, but today it is gradually marked in the hearts of young visitors by charming scenery and incredibly beautiful views.

    Nghinh Phong Cape

    Nghinh Phong Cape - Photo: Mytour

     A must go place when traveling to Vung Tau, the sea in front, the mountain behind you, a spectacle feeling when standing on Nghinh Phong Cape. Besides of exploring the poetic scenery of natural, you can go down to Vong Nguyet Beaches to feel the cool breezes of the sea and buying seafood, frilled directly on the coast with friends.