Enchanting beauty of the Northwest of Vietnam in June – The water pouring season

    In June, when the summer rains cooling the northwestern mountains is when the native people start a new rice season. It is time the terraced fields became exotically beautiful.

    Cao Pha Valley in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province in the water pouring season, some fields that filled fully by water interwoven with some fields of grown rice.

    The landscape is as beautiful as a painting, this is place that brings prosperity to the Mong people living here and Thai people in Cao Pha valley.

    Farmers working for a new crop

    Hardworking farmer plowing between the soft curves of fields in the season.

    Farmers walking on the border of the field like a feature of the nature painting.

    The lovely roof of the hut between the fields could somehow seduce the heart of the visitor.