Backpacking to Ha Giang – experiencing the stunning beauty of people and landscape

    Impressive nature, innocence look of young children, bright eyes of the elderly, all bring emotions that you can never forget.

    As the provinces in the end of northeastern of Vietnam, people in Ha Giang are almost ethnic minorities such as Hmong, Thai, Lo Lo, La Chi… The wild of nature lure anyone out for exploring and experiencing. Specially, the daily life activities of people here will give you a memorable experience.

    You can go along the Hanh Phuc road to enjoy the true emotion that can only get in real experience. From the Ha Giang City to Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and finally Meo Vac, the path will take you from the feeling of fear, joyfulness and happiness, feel the beautifulness of the country.

    Ha Giang is also challenge the heart of backpackers by spectacular mountain passes, many tortuous winding road, close to the dangerous abyss that can make anybody scare of. Try to be a rider on those road, and treasure those memories.

    Ha Giang appears blending with the natural color of peace, the rocky mountains undulating with many house roofs that have faded over time.

    One thing you should try is to experience the life of Hmong family. People here are famous for hospitality, friendliness. You will not forget the meals, experience of working with them in the wild atmosphere of mountains.